Dow Drops Below 7000 For First Time In 12 Years

Many investors were left scratching their heads after BG Group sacked chief executive Chris Finlayson earlier this week after a little over a year on the job. The company has faced headwinds in Brazil and crisis in Egypt, but Finlayson’s performance was not terrible, all things considered.

BG has gone through 3 CEO’s and 4 CFO’s in four years, clearly “not a good track record,” Brendan Ward of BMO Capital Markets told the Financial Times.

Apparently the board and longtime-chairman Andrew Gould were impatient with the speed of certain changes in corporate strategy.

“The issue that the board was facing was not a dispute over the strategy but a dispute over the speed with which it was being presented with optionality on the different parts of the portfolio.” – Gould as quoted in the FT