DOE Releases Strategic Plan 2014-2018

on April 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM

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DOE has released a five-year Strategic Plan outlining priorities to address the nation’s energy, security, economic, and environmental challenges.

On April 7, 2014, the Department of Energy (DOE) released its Strategic Plan for 2014-2018 to advance its mission of enhancing U.S. security and economic growth through transformative science, technology, and market solutions to address energy, environmental, and nuclear security challenges. The plan provides a roadmap for DOE efforts, highlighting major priorities, and will be reflected in individual DOE programs.

DOE’s Strategic Plan outlines 12 strategic objectives centered on three distinct goals which are aligned with the DOE organizational structure adopted in 2013:

  • Science and Energy
  • Nuclear Security
  • Management and Performance

Climate Action Plan Elements (Whitehouse)

Among the major priorities, DOE will implement elements of the June 2013 Climate Action Plan, including reducing cumulative carbon emissions by three billion metric tons by 2030 relative to 2009 standards, promulgating new standards for consumer products and industrial equipment by 2016, and providing up to $8B in loan guarantees for advanced fossil energy technologies by FY2017. DOE will continue to develop energy options to support transition to a clean energy system and modernize the electric grid to improve resiliency, flexibility, and integration of clean energy sources.

The plan outlines efforts to reduce worldwide nuclear weapons, strengthen nonproliferation efforts, combat nuclear threats, and provide safe and effective nuclear propulsion for the U.S. Navy. DOE will continue to address legal and moral imperatives of cleaning up legacy nuclear waste through an integrated, systematic, and comprehensive process. It will also continue cleanup of radioactive and chemical waste resulting from the Manhattan Project and Cold War activities.

The plan emphasizes improvements to major project execution and cost management, environmental health and safety compliance, and physical and cyber security. DOE will strengthen its mission through cross-cutting initiatives that leverage science, technology, and engineering capabilities of its program offices and national laboratories.

April 9, 2014 via Energy Solutions Forum.

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