Greenland:  A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

You can’t open a newspaper (or news website) these days without seeing an article about global warming. The discussion is generally shifting from whether or not climate change is occurring, to mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Along with several popular climate change mitigation measures, this infographic features some creative ideas about how humans might slow atmospheric temperature increases. Some of these ideas appear to rank higher in entertainment value than scientific and/or economic feasibility, but with accelerating technological advances, the line between impossible and reality is frequently broken. Enjoy!

Can Tech Save Us From Global Warming?

Can Tech Save Us From Global Warming? [Infographic] by the team at JonesOil



  • modoccus1

    The future is thorium as an interim solution to total renewable energy.. Proof of concept already accomplished at Oak Ridge,Tenn. in the 60s. If the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan had been molten salt thorium technology, there would have been no explosions, no released radiation, and no meltdowns —-completely safe, and you can’t build nuclear weapons with it, and the volume of spent fuel is far less, with much lower radiation that has a short half-life.

    It is technologically possible to have energy too cheap to meter (distribution costs not included). It would be economical to catalyze abundant natural gas into liquid fuels. And then the possibility of using factory assembled modular units for smelting and to power huge desalination plants to solve future water supply problems. The list could go on and on.

    It was only until recently when the carbon budget of photovoltaic solar systems actually turned positive. Previously it took more carbon to produce solar panels then the carbon they would save over their lifetime.

    Electricity “too cheap to meter” with thorium would make enormous savings in cost and carbon emissions of solar panels, which in turn would greatly speed up the adoption of solar instead of building more coal plants in developing countries.

    What bothers me is that the solutions offered is always in the negative form, more restrictions, more controls, cutbacks, and more power to the central governments, even controlling global agency, instead of the positive solutions of abundant carbon free energy.

    Besides, the negative approach is not going to work in a democracy. If the pain gets too great the environmental grinches will be voted out of office. It looks like even Europe is letting things slide on carbon containment.

    And then the negatively constituted control freaks will say we cannot afford to have democracies to deal with the coming apocalypse. If carbon driven global warming is real, the way out is forward with positive solutions.

  • Jim Smith

    As such articles do, it ignores the fact that 96% of the carbon produced is by natural process and 4% by humans. Only an idiot would think that 4% determines what is going on.

    Climate changed before man and will continue after man is long gone. Get over it and keep out of my pocket.