Distributor Offloads Oil From Barge

The US Department of Energy is conducting a test sale of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Five million barrels of sour crude are being offered for April, 2014 delivery from the West Hackberry and Big Hill sites on the US Gulf Coast. The sale is reportedly timed to coincide with US refiners’ annual maintenance period during which plants are reconfigured from winter to summer fuel blends.

“Pursuant to his authority under EPCA Section 161(g) the Secretary of Energy has directed that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) conduct a test drawdown and sale of SPR oil. You are invited to submit offers for the purchase of crude oil from the United States Department of Energy, SPR. Contracts resulting from this sale shall be subject to contract price adjustment as set forth in the Supplements and Amendments to the Standard Sales Provisions. The terms and conditions of the sale and specific instructions for preparation and submittal of offers are contained in this Notice of Sale.“

“The quantity of SPR crude oil offered for sale is five million barrels of sour crude oil for delivery to successful offerors over a 30-day delivery period commencing April 1 and ending April 30, 2014. Requests for early delivery in March in accordance with SSP C.5(c) are encouraged and will be accommodated to the maximum extent possible.” – Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Management Office