Anti-fracking Protest Camp At Barton Moss

You can’t un-ring that bell, but Total CEO Christophe de Margerie laments the fact “hydraulic fracturing” became the widely accepted terminology for the controversial well completion technology. De Margerie’s dissatisfaction with the term appears to stem from a belief that it sounds overly complex and scares the general public.

The French oil major’s chief made these comments during a discussion with Daniel Yergin at the CERA Week conference currently taking place in Houston. For his part, Yergin reportedly said he prefers the term “enhanced stimulation,” to describe the practice. Despite blatant sexual overtones, Yergin’s terminology sounds less intimidating.

“He [de Margerie] derided ‘this stupid word we are using, which is ‘fracturing.’” Yergin said he preferred “enhanced stimulation.” – FuelFix