South Australian EPA To Investigate Wind Farm Health Implications

Egypt was recently forced to divert natural gas from LNG export projects to domestic power generation and industrial sectors, and there is no relief in sight. One of the major challenges facing leadership are the substantial energy subsidies that keep gasoline prices below market levels, which is a common issue throughout the region. Keeping the lights on and maintaining energy subsidies at current levels is becoming unsustainable. [Reuters]

Google is investing over $1 billion in renewable energy sources to power its operations. “The fact is that all of these things, procuring power for ourselves, investing in power plants, renewable power plants, they all make business sense, they make sense for us as a company to do. We rely on power for our business,” said Rick Needham, the director of Google’s Energy and Sustainability office. []

Duke Energy is selling its Midwest commercial power generation business, but will maintain it regulated operations in Kentucky and Ohio. “Our merchant power plants have delivered volatile returns in the challenging competitive market in the Midwest,” Chief Executive Lynn Good said in a statement. [Reuters via Chicago Tribune]