Construction Continues On Walney Offshore Windfarm

Majority government-owned Danish utility Dong Energy recently brought in new investors that included two Danish pension funds and US investment bank Goldman Sachs. The Danish public strongly opposed Goldman’s involvement due to several aspects of the deal’s structure and the degree of control Goldman would receive with its 19% equity stake in the company. This piece details 5 of the most serious issues fueling the controversy. [Financial Times]

Obama’s “All of the Above” energy strategy is anything but, this piece argues, saying it’s really about natural gas, renewables and waging war on coal. “What ‘all of the above’ really means, then, is ‘everything but coal.’ Obama did not actually use the word coal on Tuesday, but rest assured that coal is what he has in mind when he uses words like dirty, pollution, and fossil fuels.” [Slate]

Natural gas futures prices exhibited extreme volatility due to changing weather outlooks. Prices drove well above $5/MMBtu last week, before closing below $5/MMBtu on Friday. “Gas futures are the most volatile component in the Standard & Poor’s GSCI commodity index. Prices surged 10 percent to a four-year high of $5.557 on Jan. 28 on an outlook for more frigid weather, and plunged 8.3 percent the next day as some forecast models showed arctic air abating.” [Bloomberg]