British Gas Controversially Increases Its Energy Prices

A proposed natural gas pipeline to supply the B.L. England power plant in Cape May County that would have run through the environmentally-sensitive Pinelands region was rejected last week. The power plant is switching from coal to natural gas and it’s unclear whether an alternative supply source has been identified. [New York Times]

Kenya is one of Africa’s leaders at using clean energy technology to deal with climate change impacts. “What Kenyatta University is showing the world is that it is possible to solve both the energy and the climate problems together. Novel energy solutions using locally available technology and manufacturing techniques can build economies, provide low-cost energy, and preserve the future climate for our children.” [The Guardian]

Interestingly, this piece asks if fracking will end Big Oil? It says the shale revolution has obviated the need to explore for and develop oil and gas in remote offshore regions because tight resources are abundant and close to the world’s largest markets. [The Christian Science Monitor]