All Night Zombie Survival Competition First there were the Gasland movies, then Matt Damon’s Promised Land, more recently celebrities were acting silly on You Tube, and now it appears a fracking-related zombie film is set to hit theaters (or streaming video services) later this year. While the film will clearly not be the science-based discourse this important issues deserves, as the author of a post critiquing the concept points out, Hollywood’s fascination with the topic shows that energy has truly become mainstream.

“Now, we are being treated to Hollywood’s next version of the badness of fracking.  Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard is due this year and will star Billy Zane and Mischa Barton, star of television’s The O.C.  The story line is that hydraulic fracturing causes a dead horde to come to life and attack a rural town.  We are assuming the story line marries fracking with the earthquakes supposedly associated with injecting waste fluids into disposal wells as the stimulus for bringing the zombies to life.  What lengths will Hollywood go to try to make money off popular concerns over water contamination due to hydraulic fracturing?  We will skip this movie making Hollywood poorer without our $8 ticket.” – G. Allen Brooks as posted on