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It’s hard to find a good quote when nobody’s talking. In this developing story, several Chinese national oil company employees – some fairly high ranking including CNPC’s chief accountant – have been “summoned to assist in an investigation,” according to Chinese news reports.

It appears the wide-ranging government investigation that has been underway for months is targeting former Chinese Communist party Politburo Standing Committee member Zhou Yongkang, who also served as head of state security. It’s unclear what Yongkang may have done, but most news reports cite serious graft as the issue.

This would reportedly be the highest-ranking government official since the 1970’s to face public charges if Yongkang goes to trial.

Most reports suggest the detained national oil company employees have been sought for questioning with regard to Yonkang’s alleged dirty dealing, though if involved, they could also face charges. The Chinese press also reports some of the illegal activity under investigation could involve CNPC’s operations in Iraq.