Pope Francis Visits Assisi

Argentina is estimated to hold the world’s 3rd largest shale gas reserves and during a recent visit there, Pope Francis was photographed holding anti-fracking T-shirts. The Pope is reportedly working on an encyclical letter to all Catholic Bishops that will address environmental issues, and perhaps controversial shale gas development technology. The short piece in Grist relaying this information has a laugh by referring to Pope Francis as “the motherfracking pope himself.” [Grist]

Who would willingly pay almost $0.50 per kilowatt hour for electricity? Apparently electric car drivers who want to quickly charge their batteries, even if it costs more than the equivalent mileage driven on gasoline. This piece features a company seeking to corner the emerging high-voltage charging market. [New York Times]

An industrial plant accident injuring 3 people is typically not incredibly newsworthy, unless that plant manufacturers luxury electric cars by a company who’s every move is reported on. Tesla released this statement about the incident: “There was a failure in a low pressure aluminum casting press. Three employees were injured by hot metal from that press. We are making sure that they receive the best possible care.” [ABC News], [San Jose Mercury Business News (Google loves these guys)], [NBC News], [Fox News], [Bloomberg]…