Tour of California - Stage 7

Solar securitization, which we’ve recently covered, appears to be moving forward with an announcement last week that SolarCity plans to sell $54 million in asset-backed securities. The concept is similar to now-famous mortgage-backed securities that precipitated the global financial crisis, but proponents claim they are less risky. [The Atlantic]

California cities are getting into biogas, which can be used to meet a Renewable Portfolio Standard mandate that utilities purchase 33% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. “The process takes roughly 21 days, during which the food breaks down into compost and methane biogas. The gas can then be converted into electricity to power the facility or for use as fuel elsewhere. The technology, known as “dry fermentation anaerobic digestion,” uses bacteria to break down organic matter in an oxygen-free environment and without using large quantities of water.” The article does not get into how much these plants cost or how long it takes to achieve a return on investment. [San Jose Mercury News]

There’s a serious debate going on in Ohio over the state’s “green” energy standard. “The measure would create a series of exceptions to the state’s energy-efficiency standards and remove a requirement that utilities purchase half of their renewable energy from in-state sources.” [The Columbus Dispatch]