Migrant Workers Farm Crops In Southern CA

A disrupted planting schedule and unusually wet weather has increased demand for propane used to dry corn, creating shortages exacerbated by transportation bottlnecks. “A lot of guys are being rationed at 300 to 500 gallons a day, and it’s just not enough,” said John Plathe, 49, a corn farmer in west-central Minnesota. “If this were a normal fall, the corn would’ve dried down in the field. But the weather changes, and it’s a guessing game for the pipelines. Right now, everything is working against us,” [Wall Street Journal]

There is a new book out about the US energy production renaissance called “The Frackers, by Gregory Zuckerman,” and The New York Times gives it a mostly good review. [NYT]

BP’s Macondo oil spill payouts have slowed in recent weeks as the company disputes the payment process and totals sums paid. “Total payments, including other types of compensation, have slowed sharply, from a rate of about $58m per week in the month to October 11, to about $8m per week since then.” [Financial Times]