A Squirrel Stands On A Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern

For those who missed it when the news broke that the Department of Energy was offering energy-themed stencils for Halloween pumpkin-carving, here is where you can find the DOE’s exciting patterns, which include a compact florescent lightbulb and an atom.

As innocuous as this seems, oil and gas industry group the American Petroleum Institute has interpreted it as a shot across the bow of the fossil fuels industries.

“When the Energy Department blog highlighted ways to ‘energize your neighborhood’ with a series of energy-themed pumpkin stencils in time for Halloween – but didn’t include any for the sources of 62 percent of the energy Americans use – we thought maybe it was some kind of holiday trick,” wrote API’s Mary Leschper in a blog post.

So the API responded by releasing its own energy pumpkin stencils, which include a barrel of oil, a little flame (for natural gas), and even a fuel gauge. Well played, API. Of course, the real losers in the DOE-API skirmish are children in the Beltway, who must endure the prospect of some really lame jack-o-lanterns.