Mt. Rushmore Closed Due To Government Shutdown

The Center for Biological Diversity is accusing the Obama Administration of violating a 19th-century law by allowing oil and gas companies to continue drilling on public lands that are now closed to other visitors during the government shutdown. “Previously permitted oil and gas development on public lands isn’t affected by the shutdown.” [Fuel Fix]

An Anadarko research vessel conducting a seafloor survey on behalf of Guyana was detained by Venezuelan authorities and its crew arrested. “Venezuela and Guyana have had border disputes since 1841, according to the U.S. State Department. Venezuela has said its border extends as far east as the Essequibo River, a dispute that extends to nearby Atlantic waters rich in natural gas.” [Bloomberg]

Chevron is seeking a ruling from a US federal judge to prevent US courts from enforcing an Ecuadorean court’s $18 billion penalty against the company on the grounds that plaintiffs in the case used bribery to win the judgment. “Ted Boutrous, a lawyer for Chevron, said the proceedings in Ecuador were ‘one of the most egregious litigation frauds in history’.” [Reuters]