NATO Summit Lisbon 2010 - Day 2

Canadian security agencies have been briefing representatives of energy companies who have obtained high-level security clearances, according to freedom of information documents obtained by the Guardian. “Meetings were officially billed to discuss ‘threats’ to energy infrastructure but also covered ‘challenges to energy projects from environmental groups’, ‘cyber security initiatives’ and ‘economic and corporate espionage’.” [Guardian]

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is trying to force Barclays to pay $488 million in fines and fees related to charges that its traders rigged California electricity prices. Barclays said that “the penalty previously assessed by the FERC is without basis”. The bank said in July that it had no intention of paying. [Bloomberg]

A Global CCS report shows that the number of large-scale carbon capture and sequestration projects underway has dropped to 65 from 75 in the last year. “The technology for capturing carbon has not been proved to work on a commercial scale, either here or abroad.” [New York Times]