Climate Change Activists Protest Against Power Station Proposals

The Sierra Club’s campaign against coal-fired power in the US reached a major milestone with the announcement that the Brayton Point Power Station in Massachusetts would retire by 2017, which marked 150 coal plants that announced plans to retire since 2010. Several celebrities joined the cause, including Elle Macpherson, Edward James Olmos and Ian Somerhalder. [Sierra Club] “Indie alternative” group Nico Vega wrote a song too:

US power plants are also in the news for the huge volumes of water they require for cooling – 40% of daily freshwater consumption. Newer plants with advanced technology require less water, but often cost more. Some renewable energy technology like geothermal and concentrated solar also require water for cooling. And carbon capture systems reportedly add 20% to a plant’s cooling needs. [New York Times]

Government leaders from both sides of the Pacific, commercial representatives and First Nations leaders met in British Columbia to discuss Canadian LNG exports to Asia. “Chiefs from First Nations affected by LNG developments and major energy companies were joined by the Japanese Ambassador, Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver and BC’s Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation John Rustad in Dakelh Territory, Prince George.” [Vancouver Observer]