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Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis gave some advice on how to talk to conservatives about climate change at the Climate Week NYC opening ceremony on Monday.

When you raise the issue, “loudmouths” will respond by saying the climate change is “hooey, nonsense, junk science”, he said. “They’re doubting the problem because they don’t like the proposed solution, the assumed solution of a bigger government.”

But Inglis noted that there can be free enterprise solutions to climate change, and that some conservatives do see it as an important issue to be addressed.

“The loudmouths have succeeded in cultural norming. No one wants to break out of the comfort and security and protection of the tribal orthodoxy,” Inglis said. But there are “young conservatives who want their party to be relevant to their future”, Inglis said, noting that these may include libertarians who believe in “accountable” free markets, and entrepreneurs that see business opportunities in climate change solutions.

“Talk to them about reasonable risk avoidance. Don’t talk to them about apocalyptic visions of New York City blah blah blah blah. Remind them that their insurance company friends are already pricing risk, and are listening very carefully to the actuaries who in turn listen very carefully to the scientists.”

“They are your indispensable partners. It won’t happen without them.”