Sounding Sand Desert In Inner Mongolia

China’s power market will more than double in size by 2030, with more than half of expected additions to come from renewables, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “China’s power sector could attract investment as high as US$159 billion per year, with around half going to renewables…As a result of a cleaner energy mix, the report shows how the country’s total power sector emissions could begin to drop as soon as 2027.” [Earth Techling]

A dated electricity distribution system is preventing the US from using all the wind power it generates. “Foot-dragging by utility companies has left the U.S. ill-prepared to take advantage of wind and other renewable energy sources.” [All Gov]

And the US doesn’t score particularly well on energy efficiency, at least relative to the UK. “The average American household uses 2.7 times more electricity and 1.3 times more natural gas than a British household” [Clean Technica]