A List of America’s Fastest-Growing Clean Energy Companies

on August 29, 2013 at 2:00 PM

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Silver Spring Networks topped Inc. Magazine’s rankings.

The editors at Inc. magazine have released their rankings of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America. The list offers an interesting snapshot of where growth is taking place in the energy sector.

The boom in America’s unconventional oil and gas development is clearly evident on the list. Out of the 110 energy companies mentioned, there were dozens of firms providing drilling services, pipeline construction services, and consulting on fossil energy development. With the U.S. now producing more liquid fuels than Saudi Arabia, the growth of those companies isn’t surprising.

But with renewable electricity doubling over the last four years and more states getting serious about using efficiency as a resource, the clean energy sector was also very well represented. Inc. identified 45 companies offering demand response, energy efficiency and solar as part of the list.

Here are the rankings of the fastest-growing clean energy companies in terms of revenue over the last three years, as documented by Inc. (Descriptions were taken from the Inc.list).

#45: Silver Spring Networks — 5,867 percent growth
Provides devices, software, and services that improve energy management and efficiency by connecting consumers and utility providers through energy networks.

#46: ThinkLite — 5,525 percent growth
Custom-designs and manufactures efficient lighting for commercial and government applications.

#49: Solar Alliance of America — 5,337 percent growth
A residential solar energy contracting firm that offers zero-down financing, no payments for eighteen months, and low monthly payments thereafter.

#84: Next Step Living — 3,890 percent growth
Evaluates homes for energy efficiency and environmental impact, then develops customized action plans and helps them insulate and install efficient windows, heating systems, and/or solar panels.

#91: Sol Systems — 3,716 percent growth
A boutique firm that offers investors direct access to the renewable energy asset class and provides developers with project financing. It monetizes solar renewable energy credits, places investor capital into vetted solar projects, and structures complex transactions such as tax equity and new market tax credits.

#139: Populus — 2,685 percent growth
Specializes in the comprehensive implementation of utility management and community energy-efficiency programs.

#140: Astrum Solar — 2,665 percent growth
A solar provider that serves homeowners and small businesses in a dozen states from six operations centers.

#164: BrightSource Energy — 2,415 percent growth
Designs, develops and sells solar thermal power systems for utilities and industrial companies.

#241: PanelClaw — 1,790 percent growth
Supplies mounting and balancing accessories for photovoltaic systems in the commercial and utility markets.

#266: Hawaii Energy Connection — 1,609 percent growth
Offers a range of commercial and residential sustainable energy services in the Hawaiian solar market.

#290 Plug Smart — 1,507 percent growth
Helps commercial, industrial, nonprofit, institutional, and utility companies implement a broad range of technology and energy solutions, including self-funding energy efficiency, renewable energy, decreasing power generation and energy supply costs, and reclaiming investments in energy efficiency.

#318: SimpleRay — 1,354 percent growth
Sells photovoltaic solar panels and related components and provides design and installation support for residents and businesses.

#546: Propel Fuels — 834 percent growth
Builds, owns and operates a network of green-built fueling stations in California and Washington that sell a selection of low-carbon renewable fuels for fleets, as well as individual consumers.

#577: E4E Solutions — 784 percent growth
Provides energy efficiency project delivery services to businesses including design, construction, and performance based services.

#608: SunDurance Energy — 755 percent growth
A solar energy company that develops, builds and operates megawatt-scale solar power services across the globe.

#609: SmartWatt Energy — 754 percent growth
A nationwide provider of energy-efficiency services for commercial, industrial, government and utility customers.

#627: Blue Oak Energy — 732 percent growth
Develops and installs large-scale photovoltaic systems. Focuses on solar electric design, engineering, and construction for commercial, utility, and government sector projects.

#753: A&R Solar — 611 percent growth
Designs and installs solar energy systems for homeowners, businesses, and public agencies.

#768: JatroDiesel — 594 percent growth
Develops biodiesel technology and equipment and also produces biodiesel.

#779: Verengo Solar — 583 percent growth
Provides residential solar products and services.

#786: Roof Diagnostics Solar — 580 percent growth
Started as a roofing consultant and contractor, Roof Diagnostics now focuses on solar power.

#862: Clean Currents — 519 percent growth
Clean Currents is a green energy company offering wind power at competitive rates to households and businesses.

#935: Ioxus — 467 percent growth
Designs and manufactures ultracapacitors and other products that allow for higher power and energy density and higher voltage levels and are used in a range of applications such as wind turbines, hybrid vehicles, and renewable energy.

#1088: Renova Solar — 386 percent growth
Residential and commercial solar installer.

#1141: FLS Energy — 367 percent growth
Offers solar energy engineering, installation and financing for utility-scale solar thermal and photovoltaic energy systems.

#1372: SolarCity — 294 percent growth
A leading solar services provider in the residential and commercial markets.

#1505: Sunetric — 265 percent growth
A solar installer responsible for some of the largest photovoltaic systems in Hawaii, including Kona Commons on the Big Island and Wilcox Memorial Hospital on Kauai.

#1529: ADI Energy — 261 percent growth
Provides clients with ways to increase energy efficiency in existing structures.

#1579: Leading Edge Design Group — 251 percent growth
Provides energy optimization services through efficient design and emerging LED lighting and wireless control technologies.

#1641: Solar Universe — 238 percent growth
A residential and commercial solar panel installation franchise with dozens of locations across the country.

#1747: Solar Art Window Film — 221 percent growth
Provides and installs window film for residential and commercial uses. Carries films that reduce interior energy usage by filtering the amount of sunlight coming in through windows.

#2037: Groom Energy Solutions — 180 percent growth
Provides renewable and energy efficiency technology and services such as the installation of lighting, HVAC equipment, and solar, wind, and co-generation systems, to commercial and industrial companies.

#2087: Standard Solar — 178 percent growth
Develops and integrates solar electricity systems for residential, government, commercial, and education customers.

#2694: Bridge Energy Group — 130 percent growth
Advises clients on how to implement smart grid integration.

#2903: CLEAResult — 118 percent growth
Designs and delivers energy optimization services for electric, gas, and water utility companies as well as residential, institutional and industrial organizations.

#2937: Sullivan Solar Power — 116 percent growth
Designs and installs solar power systems for residential, commercial, government, and nonprofit customers.

#3130: Rodda Electric — 105 percent growth
A commercial electrical contractor specializing in renewable energy and commercial and industrial electric design and installation.

#3397: EnergyLogic — 92 percent growth
Provides residential energy efficiency and conservation services by working with utility companies, homebuilders and other stakeholders in the energy industry.

#3407: Heron Lake BioEnergy — 91 percent growth
Operates an ethanol plant fired by natural gas piped in by Agrinatural Gas.

#3435: Chinook Systems — 90 percent growth
Acts as a liaison between architectural engineers and contractors to sustain and maintain energy-efficient, high-performing buildings through commissioning services, facilities management, and software integration for its clients.

#3887: 3TIER — 72 percent growth
Provides risk analysis and forecasting power for utility-scale energy projects.

#3890: Phoenix Energy Technologies — 72 percent growth
Provides Enterprise Energy Management software and services in the retail, higher education and commercial sectors through its IP-based connectivity service and software-as-a-service approach.

#4093: Advanced BioEnergy — 64 percent growth
Produces ethanol and related products, including wet, modified, and dried distillers’ grains and corn oil.

#4555: Third Sun Solar — 54 percent growth
Designs solar power structures for commercial, institutional, and residential clients.

#4967: Maneri~Agraz Enterprises — 35 percent growth
Designs and installs energy-efficient lighting systems that significantly reduce commercial lighting costs in large industrial facilities.

Stephen Lacey: August 26, 2013 via Greentech Media