Greenpeace Blockades Faslane Naval Base

It’s unsurprising that Russia wouldn’t want to allow Greenpeace into its territorial Arctic waters, where the country hopes to open up vast new oil and gas fields to exploitation. State-controlled oil giant Rosneft has partnered up with ExxonMobil to develop oil and gas resources on Russia’s Arctic shelf, and potentially export LNG from the Russian far east.

It’s also unsurprising – and rather funny – that Russia would claim that the reason it is blocking Greenpeace’s access to the Arctic is because the environmental group didn’t fill out a form correctly.

The Russian Ministry of Transport explained it thus, according to the Financial Times:

“The applicant did not provide to the Administration of the Northern Sea Route with information about the width of [the ship’s] ice belt, which was the reason for the refusal to issue a permit to sail the ship Arctic Sunrise in the waters of the Northern Sea Route.”