Fracking Protests Continue In Sussex

The Atlantic has published a six-video series in an attempt to shed light on how the US produces and uses energy. The written overview pieces are sort of light on the more technical aspects of production and consumption, but one of them links to a really nice infographic over at Grist, which was put together by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. [Atlantic]

How much does it cost to transport energy from wellhead to consumption point? Forbes poses thought-provoking questions about the costs – financial and otherwise – of shipping various forms of energy by rail. “Pipelines, despite spectacular accidents like the 2010 disaster in San Bruno, California, which killed eight people and leveled 35 homes, boast a fairly sterling safety record.” [Forbes]

More celebrities are rising up against fracking, this time at a site being drilled by Cuadrilla Resources in the UK…though conducting an anti-fracking demonstration at a well that’s not being hydraulically fractured raises a lot of questions about their contribution to the debate over whether it can be done safely. [The Independent]