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Law suits, countersuits, bribes, corruption and private investigators are all part of the battle between Chevron and lawyer Steve Donziger over Ecuadorian jungle contamination that dates back decades. Donziger currently faces a major suit brought by the oil giant. “As I take the long view, it’s Chevron that faces the risk, not Steven Donziger.” [New York Times]

The number of smog alerts in Columbus, Ohio this summer is down considerably from this time last year. And while numerous factors account for the phenomenon, fuel switching from coal to natural gas is almost certainly playing a role.

“Central Ohio had six straight 90-degree days this month without a single smog alert. The only two alerts this year were on June 21 and 22. By this time last year, there had been 14 alerts, according to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, which issues them.” [The Columbus Dispatch]

Mexico is seriously talking about cracking down on black carbon – or soot – that comes from burning diesel fuel and causes health problems while contributing to climate change. “Mexico needs to pass strict standards regulating the quality of diesel fuels and vehicle emissions as soon as possible to avoid continued serious health and climate impacts.” [Natural Resources Defense Council]