Chevron Announces 7.2 Billion Dollar Quarterly Profit

Spanish oil company Repsol and Argentina’s YPF are working through a bitter breakup in which the former is suing the Argentine government for $10.5 billion. Now Chevron is working with YPF to develop shale assets, much to Repsol’s chagrin. “It is scandalous that Chevron is acting in a way contrary to the law and to the most elementary ethical principals,” Repsol said. [Financial Times]

As Cyprus develops its newly-found natural gas resources – first to serve the domestic market then for export – security is becoming a major concern. Terrorist attacks – 59 of which reportedly beset neighboring Turkey’s energy infrastructure over the past few years – along with cyber threats and organized crime could all be problematic. [Natural Gas Europe]

The military is looking to power forward operating bases (FOBs) with solar, which could drive residential solar advancements. “FOBs are temporary encampments for a battalion or more, generally located in hot zones as staging areas. Running fuel convoys to a FOB is one of the best ways to get your tanker trucks blown up.” [Solar Industry Magazine]