Large Storm System From Midwest Makes Its Way East

As the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard is discussed at hearings on Capital Hill this week, the two sides of the debate are taking to the airwaves to promote their agendas. The refiners and oil companies want RFS repealed because they say it’s broken and dangerous, while the renewable fuels folks say Big Oil is just defending their transport fuel monopoly. [Des Moines Register Guard]

As climate change evidence mounts, Quartz rolled out this tid bit: “If you were born after February 1985, you’ve never lived through a month of below average global temperatures.” They also said Arctic melting ostensibly led to a quadrupling of international shipping in the past year.

Republican Congressman from Arkansas, Tim Griffin, proposes tax relief for Mayflower residents impacted by ExxonMobil’s Pegasus Pipeline oil spill earlier this year. “The measure Griffin introduced on Thursday would prevent money that ExxonMobil provides to Mayflower residents from being taxable by classifying it as disaster relief payments.” [AP via Fort Worth Star Telegram]