Merkel And Medvedev Inaugurate Nord Stream Gas Pipeline

Ukraine is trying to throw off the Russian natural gas yolk, and finding some success. The former Soviet satellite is importing gas from Germany – though much of it likely originated in Russia – and neighboring countries via reverse-flow pipelines. Importing fewer volumes of Russian gas directly and newfound supply diversity puts Ukraine in a stronger bargaining position Vis a Vis Moscow (and Gazprom). [Jamestown Foundation]

The JOBS Act of 2012 is intended to make it easier for firms, entrepreneurs and startups to raise money and part of the law covering advertising recently took effect. “It’s now legal to advertise but only wealthy people can invest,” meaning only people worth more than $1 million (not including their homes) and those making over $200,000 per year can buy shares. [GIGaom]

It appears lithium-ion batteries may be off the hook in the latest Boeing 787 fire that occurred last Friday in London. However, the less volatile lithium-manganese battery could be to blame, but the investigation is ongoing and this has yet to be confirmed. [NY Times]