Obama To Deliver Major Climate Change Speech

Fracking-related earthquakes are back in the news, with a new study suggesting large overseas quakes triggered seismic activity in parts of the US where oil & gas drilling wastewater is disposed in deep injection wells. The findings, published in the Journal Science, are not limited to fracking, but appear to include any oil and gas development sites where wastewater is injected underground. [Quartz]

And in climate change news, the Department of Energy put an interactive map together showing several weather/climate-related events that impacted US energy infrastructure in recent years. The map is part of a larger study released yesterday titled “U.S. Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather.” [Energy.Gov]

Opec expects global oil demand to increase next year, but sees demand for its crude declining, as non-Opec production outpaces global oil consumption growth. In addition to rising output in the US and Canada, Brazil, Kazakhstan and South Sudan are likely to put increasing volumes of oil on the world market. The question is how will Opec react? [Rig Zone]