Kazakhstan Oil Industry Is Booming

The fatal Quebec oil train disaster looks likely to touch off yet another debate affecting the future of the Keystone XL pipeline – whether pipelines or rail are a safer way to transport oil. “People think rail is costless until something like this happens.” [Bloomberg]

France’s Total and its Chief Executive Christophe de Margerie were acquitted of charges of witting involvement in the United Nations Oil-for-Food Scandal under the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. DeMargerie has also faced scrutiny over corruption charges related to Iran’s oil sector. [Reuters]

Vienna is reducing emissions from its public transportation sector by running city buses on battery power, charged by the overhead power lines used to run trams. They can partly recharge in 10-15 minutes in existing tram stations, and fully recharge overnight. “One of the new electric buses costs at least 400,000 euros, or $519,000, as much as double the cost of a comparable diesel bus.” [New York Times]