New York State Mulls Limited Fracking In Southern Tier

A hydraulic fracturing site is viewed on June 19, 2012 in South Montrose, Pennsylvania.


The following is an excerpt from an Energy Solutions Forum Policy Primer for the New York Energy Week Series Breakfast, Oil and Gas Market Perspectives.

Unconventional oil and gas resources are expected to play a large role in helping the United States meet future energy needs. Onshore oil production, including crude oil and lease condensate, has increased by 64 percent in the last three years in the United States largely due to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques that stimulate production from oil and gas wells in low-permeability rocks. Hydraulic fracturing has allowed increased access to shale oil and gas resources around the country, often in areas that have not previously or recently experienced significant oil and gas development.

You can read the rest of the primer here.

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