South Sudan Celebrates First Anniversary Of Their New Nation

Statoil will assume its first shale operatorship outside the United States through a deal to up its stake in PetroFrontier’s Australian permits to as much as 80%. The Norwegian company will have to spend $160 million on exploration through 2016 under the deal. [Reuters]

Opec left its 2013 global oil demand forecast unchanged in its monthly market report, at 0.9%. “Existing fundamentals portray a market with ample supply.” The organization sees stronger economic growth in the second half, with risks skewed to the downside. [Bloomberg]

Are Sudan and South Sudan headed for war, or just exchanging angry words? Quartz cites Eurasia Group analysts who don’t expect South Sudan’s 100,000-200,000 bbl/d of oil to stop flowing through the northern part of the country, and don’t expect fighting to break out, either. [Quartz]