Power generation technology giant GE is getting into the combined heat and power game in Germany, where they are looking to maximize use and efficiency of intermittent renewable sources like wind and solar with the help of natural gas. However, burning natural gas to generate power generates lots of heat energy that is wasted by traditional gas power plants.

“Our flexible J920 technology offers both high efficiency and reliability levels, which makes it the ideal large gas engine distributed power solution for industrial and grid stabilization applications while also minimizing the customer’s carbon footprint,” said Karl Wetzlmayer, general manager of gas engines for power generation – GE Power & Water.

Stadtwerke Rosenheim, a German utility, has been leading Germany’s charge toward generating 25% of the country’s total power supply by 2020 from CHP. Stadtwerke Rosenheim is now using CHP to provide 40% of the electricity and 20% of the heat required by its 61,000 citizens. Watch this video to learn more about GE’s biggest, most flexible and efficient gas engine (a Jenbacher) – the J920 FleXtra.