Intelligent energy management systems company GridNavigator and energy management control systems contractor ATS Automation have installed a new service that provides day by day energy demand forecasts at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, near Seattle, Washington. That ability allows users to provide additional energy efficiency and reduce demand, meaning they can avoid spendy peak energy rates.

Pete Segall, energy services manager for ATS Automation, explained it simply: “Our customers look to us for ways to save money and reduce energy usage while minimizing capital expenses. GridNavigator’s energy forecasting service allows us to predict energy and demand spokes and launch automated reduction strategies before the demand event occurs.”

Having that real-time information means operators can achieve smarter building management with remote adjustment of numerous devices and systems, like boilers and lighting. GridNavigator says engineers can now optimize BACnet (data communications protocol for building automation and control networks) building management systems based on day to day energy use patterns to avoid peaks and to respond to building occupant behavior to reduce demand.

“Energy forecasting allowed us to achieve an additional 3-5% energy savings and 7-10% demand reduction,” said Kevin McKay, the community college’s VP for finance and operations. “This innovation in energy management helps manage our resources even more efficiently.”

The service is being used throughout the 20-plus buildings on the 50-acre campus.