Some of the most influential voices in the clean energy sector gathered recently in New York for the US launch of the Corporate Renewable Energy Index and the Global Consumer Wind Study.

Companies manage what is measured, and increasingly understand their customers and their competitors by leveraging the data sets provided by measurements that in previous business cycles would have been difficult to gather, much less compare.

Believing that companies need to manage their energy investments, their energy risks and their relationships with their customers around the globe more closely, the wind company Vestas worked with Bloomberg New Energy Finance TNS Gallup to compile data that ranked the top corporate renewable energy users in the world and separately measured the perceptions of thousands of consumers on renewable energy in how they think about politics and brand perception.

In the video above we spoke with Vestas Chief Marketing Officer Morten Albaek about these two data sets and what he hoped would emerge from this stop on a global rollout of the data sets and the related studies. In the coming weeks Breaking Energy will be releasing video from the panel discussions at the events, and highlighting speakers and attendees in one-on-one interviews to parse the most important and challenging aspects of wind energy and renewable energy in the coming years.

This piece appears on Breaking Energy as part of the Energy Transparency series in partnership with Vestas.