The spread of innovative drilling techniques combined with high oil prices have caused a renaissance in American oil exploration and production. The boom has been confined in large part to traditional oil-and-gas states like Texas and North Dakota, but other states that have seen resource dividends pass them by in previous eras are now enjoying their own expansions thanks to oil and gas development.

The latest round of American boomtowns to be profiled by CNNMoney lie in Kansas, and the site has profiled seven of the workers benefiting from oil investment even as they grapple with the challenges of a resource sector that often requires a high degree of mobility and a tolerance for isolation.

“Working in the oil industry can be exhausting, risky and lonely,” the series declares. “But for these seven people, the high pay — often in the six-figures — and the thrill of chasing booms across the country is worth it.”

Read the seven profiles in a comprehensive slideshow compiled by CNNMoney here.