The World’s Tallest Solar Panel Array

on February 02, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Solar energy is headed to the penthouse.

Atop Deutsche Bank’s 745 foot skyscraper Wall Street building is the world’s tallest solar panel array; a 122.4 kilowatt photovoltaic system designed to reduce the building’s electricity consumption and avoid 100 metric tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

The building is the global financial giant’s Americas headquarters and the presence of the solar array is “one part of a comprehensive global program to reduce the Bank’s consumption of fossil fuels and shift to more renewable forms of energy,” Deutsche Bank Americas CEO Seth Waugh said in announcing the completion and operation of the solar system.

Deutsche Bank has been making a play for green energy and climate-friendly businesses in the past several years, despite struggles by competitors to succeed in trading carbon emissions and ongoing difficulty in establishing a global system for setting a value on, and thereby limiting, greenhouse gases.

In addition to its own company-wide expansion of clean energy use to 65% globally from only seven percent in the last four years, Deutsche Bank is one of the global sponsors of the WindMade label, a consumer label that identifies products made with wind energy.

Photo Caption: Skyscraper roofs of buildings other than 60 Wall Street.