When the US EPA found water contamination from hydraulic fracturing in Pavilion, Wyoming, the natural gas industry cried innocence.

Many pointed out that in the Wyoming case, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) took place in very shallow areas close to fresh water aquifers. In most fracking locations, including the Marcellus shale, natural gas is extracted from shale thousands of feet below the fresh water, with rock separating the two layers.

Although this video on well pad preparation and safety methods was uploaded by Chesapeake Energy in March, it speaks to many of the concerns that were raised this month when the EPA released its Wyoming findings.

Chesapeake has been an outspoken gas industry defender as critics question the safety of fracking.

Watch this video to see a typical well pad and drilling operation. The visuals give great insight into the operations that are becoming increasingly common across Pennsylvania and the entire United States.