As the world’s population rises, food and energy resources will both become scarcer commodities.

Some are hoping that the food and energy sectors can work together to maximize the world’s resources through smart grid technology, biomass technology like food waste-to-heat electrical generators, biogas and ethanol, and water efficiency technology that will allow both agriculture and power companies to access much-needed water.

In this video, Navigating Growing Pressure Of Cause and Effect, GE Energy’s Director of Global Strategy and Planning Dr. Peter Evans speaks about his efforts to collaborate with the University of Illinois on various projects whose aim will be to enhance cooperation between the food and energy sectors.

Watch this video on GE’s partnership with the University of Illinois on bioenergy and agribusiness.

“When we look forward, we see a world in which a couple of big drivers will shape the interaction between the global energy industry and the global food industry, and that is big mega trends, for example the rise of the global middle class–its growing, they have more income–and they are going to put more demands and pressures on both of these industries,” Evans says in this video.

This video originally appeared on the GE Reports YoutTube channel. The channel has recently published various other videos about GE’s efforts to mitigate the growing pressures of global population increases.