Alternative energy sources and technologies have been the beneficiaries of steadily rising prices for most forms of fossil fuels over the last 30 years, with political interference and technology innovations warping markets and price signals along the way.

But with massive oil and gas finds currently under development, the future looks distinctly choppy for the host of renewable and cleantech companies that have emerged in response to high prices and supply-side shocks like the Arab Spring. How the markets respond to the potential for falling prices and huge expansions in availability from Brazil, Iraq and smaller players as well as shale gas development was the subject of this panel at the US Association for Energy Economics Summit in Washington, DC, earlier this year.

With speakers from the International Monetary Fund, the America’s Natural Gas Alliance and consulting firm SEER, the wide-ranging discussion, highlights of which are included in this video, covered evaluations of energy policy impacts, shale gas supply and demand, supply scalability and new energy technologies like hydrogen fuel cells.

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