Though it is already tightly regulated, the nuclear industry might also need conduct rules.

In this video, Areva’s Corporate Business Ethics Advisor, Olivier Loubiere explains the French energy company’s “unprecedented” decision to “self-regulate” and adopt a code of conduct, what Loubiere calls in this video “a set of voluntary best practices.”

“A set of good practices at the level of all the industry of nuclear exports is absolutely key for the public trust,” he says. The code of conduct will regulate every step of the nuclear export process.

“Culture is key,” he says, and Areva wants to emphasize its culture of safety.

With Germany deciding to shut down its off nuclear power, French nuclear exports to Germany may pick up in coming years. But with Fukushima still fresh in many consumers’ minds, it may become increasingly important for nuclear power companies to show that they care and will do anything it takes to protect public health and safety.

In the US, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has dialed up its focus on safety as it reviews operations at a number of nuclear plants, including one hit by an unusual East Coast earthquake in August. Read more: A No Go For North Anna Nuke Plant.

Watch the video to hear Loubiere explain the code of conduct.

This video was originally posted by Areva here.