Despite the fact that the DOE has told SolarCity it will not be able to close a planned September 30 loan guarantee, blaming increased paperwork from the Congressional investigation into the Solyndra scandal, the DOE Loan Program is moving ahead with wind development guarantees, claiming they will revitalize the economy.

The most recent investment includes a $168.9 million partial loan guarantee to Granite Reliable Power for a 99 MW wind farm in Coos Country, New Hampshire. The project will add 200 jobs to the economy, the DOE statement claimed.

“Continued investments in this source of emissions-free energy will strengthen the economy, create good American jobs and help the nation compete with other countries that are quickly scaling up wind power generation,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu said.

But many in the power sector and in government say the shift towards renewables generation and EPA regulation of fossil fuel electrical generation is hurting the economy and thinning jobs from the power sector. Others note the Solyndra bankruptcy as a sign that the government cannot choose winners and losers in the energy economy.

But wind, as opposed to solar, is already producing a sizable chunk of American power, at least from among the other renewables. In 2010, 11% of all renewable power generation in the US came from wind. See the statistics: Local An Essential Factor In Renewable Energy.

This newest wind farm will be built with 33 Vestas V90 3 MW turbines and the power will be sold to Central Vermont Public Service and Green Mountain Power.