Spray Power

on August 23, 2011 at 6:00 AM

Promising the potential of widespread use, spray on solar panels are now a reality.

Cleantech research and development firm New Energy Technologies announced on Monday that its newest SolarWindow technology is now fully operational, complete with new and improved coatings that can enhance transparency and color of windows if covered in the solar spray. New Energy Technology’s President and CEO John Conklin said the improvements were critical for widespread customer adoption.

“I’m most pleased that our researches are not only working towards functionality but an attractive SolarWindow as well,” said Conklin. The new technology promises a softer window tint and color.

The SolarWindow coatings can be sprayed onto windows at room temperature and remain transparent while generating electricity.

New Energy Technologies is not alone in trying to invent a transparent solar panel that could be used in place of commercial and residential windows. Pythagoras Solar, which was one of five Innovation Award winners in this year’s GE’s ecomagination contest, built a window module that uses horizontal cross-sections of traditional solar photovoltaic panels within a window pane to capture sunlight while retaining horizontal transparency.

Read more and see pictures of the Pythagoras Solar invention in A Window That Makes Electricity.

But this technology may be unique in that it does not require the consumer to replace any windows in order to generate electricity. Instead, the company plans to sell tinted flexible plastic films that could be attached to already-installed windows.