The Bill Comes In For Nuclear

on August 18, 2011 at 3:45 PM

It’s standard procedure for nuclear companies to submit annual rate recovery clauses to their local public service commissions. But for Progress Energy Florida–a subsidiary of Progress Energy that provides power to 1.6 million consumers in Florida–the process this year has been far from simple.

With two new projects in the pipeline, including a capacity increase for the Crystal River nuclear plant and construction of a new power plant of two reactors in Levy County, Progress Energy is requesting a rate recovery plan for an additional $141.1 million–$135 million for the new plant and $6.2 million for upgrades to the existing plant–company spokesperson Suzanne Grant told Breaking Energy.

“The filing reflects the actual costs the company has incurred for the proposed Levy County nuclear plant and the Crystal River 3 uprate through February 2011, plus projected costs for both projects for the rest of 2011 and 2012,” the company wrote in a statement.

The PSC is currently holding hearing on the recovery rate costs and will make a final decision on October 24, but it’s still not clear the new plant in Levy County will actually be built.

In Vermont, a similar debate is shaking Entergy’s plans to invest in the Vermont Yankee plant. Read about the state veto of the NRC’s 20-year license extension of the plant: Another Shake For Vermont Yankee.

Although the Progress Energy requested 2012 monthly charge of $4.66 per 1000 KWh is lower than the current $5.32, the number would be even lower without the added nuclear construction costs, according the the Florida PSC.

The Levy County plant is set to constructed by 2021, according to Grant and the utility hopes to gain a combined operating license by 2013.

Photo Caption: A Citrus County Sheriff officer stands guard at the entrance to the Florida Power corp. nuclear power plant November 2, 2001 in Crystal River, Florida.