Ever wonder what the future holds?

This Siemens video, narrated by a robotic android-like voice, illustrates one vision for the future: a smart grid that feeds electric vehicles and enables electricity from renewable generation to be stored. The video focuses particularly on the potential that electric vehicles (EV’s) could unlock and the positive implications they could have for the grid.

As Jim Pauley, Schneider Electric’s new senior vice president for External Affairs and Government Relations told Breaking Energy in Utility Nightmares of Electric Cars, electric vehicles could strain the grid beyond capacity if its infrastructure remains as currently built. But if national EV charging infrastructure continues to be built out and expanded, as well as incorporating two-way, smart communication between grid operators and consumers, EVs could help the grid evolve to a newer, cleaner and more efficient future, Schneider Electric emphasized recently.

Watch this Siemens video for one view of how this could be possible.

This video was originally posted on the Siemens YouTube channel.