The Promise Of Offshore Wind

on August 10, 2011 at 6:00 AM

Wind turbines could be out in the middle of the ocean producing electricity and no one on shore would know.

Offshore wind turbines can be placed “beyond visual range,” according to Google’s Director of Green Business, Rick Needham, who is featured in this video. He says turbines farther out at sea can also capture stronger winds.

The Mid-Atlantic, he says, has the capacity for 60,000 MW of offshore wind, 10% can be deployed with the completion of the Atlantic Wind Connection backbone transmission line. The 250-mile long transmission line is set to be finished in 2016, if all goes right with PJM Interconnect.

Google is one of three financial backers of the transmision project, along with Good Energies and Marubeni Corporation, and is being led by Trans-Elect. In this video, Needham explains how Google applied to FERC to be able to sell wholesale power directly into the grid and take government renewable energy credits to reduce business costs.

It makes business sense, he says.

Read more on the Atlantic Wind Connection in Just The Beginning For Atlantic Wind Connection by Jon Hurdle.