A Transmission Spider Web

on August 04, 2011 at 6:00 AM

Electricity travels at the speed of light and one organization hopes that means it can travel across the country in seconds.

Tres Amigas is working to connect the Eastern, Western and Texas interconnections in order to maximize efficiency of the American electricity grid. In this video, Tres Amigas CEO Phillip Harris explains what he hopes his company can do, without government subsidies.

Named Tres Amigas for what the company soon hopes will be friendship between three currently independent grids, the company hopes it can also maximize integration of renewables. If a wind turbine is spinning during a windy evening in Maine, that power may be useless in the local region, but may be critical to shave off peak demands on a hot sunny day in Texas.

Breaking Energy recently featured Tres Amigas in Cable Knitting The Grid.