A Power App

on July 29, 2011 at 10:15 AM

Smart phones seem to be able to do almost anything these days, even managing electricity consumption.

In this video, Constellation Energy shows the mobile application of its web-based VirtuWatt platform, a demand response technology that allows for two-way communication between electricity producers and consumers.

The VirtuWatt system includes access to markets in one-minute increments, displaying total load the grid is handling at any moment and gives the customer cost transparency for specific time periods. This mobile application allows users to see information from anywhere and adjust electrical consumption accordingly, even if they are not located in the building whose power they are adjusting.

In Minute By Minute Megawatts, Peter Gardett explored the VirtuWatt platform and its demand response technology.

Though it once seemed futuristic, this mobile application shows how digital technology is already being melded with power markets to change the way electricity is used and managed.

Watch the video on Constellation Energy’s YouTube channel.