Powering Detroit

on July 28, 2011 at 6:00 AM

There’s no better place to talk engineering than Detroit. And this week, it’s been electrical power engineering, specifically. The Motor City is proudly hosting top engineering talent from around the world this week at the IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting.

More than 2,000 power engineers are participating in the IEEE conference–promoting, sharing and discussing important issues and developments in the field of electrical power engineering. This is particularly relevant against the backdrop of our nation discussing how to create a 21st century power grid.

For more on the power grid from Linda Blair, see: Our Grid Needs To Be Viable Before It Can Be Smart.

The conference also involves 500 international students, which is significant amid recent comments by political leaders around the need to attract and retain engineering talent in this country.

With some of the strongest engineering talent in southeast Michigan working at ITC, it’s a natural fit for us to be a major sponsor of this great conference here in our back yard.

Linda Blair is Chief Business Officer of ITC Holdings and a member of Breaking Energy’s Editorial Advisory Board.