Boosting employment in manufacturing in the US has developed as one of the leading arguments proponents of renewable energy use when discussing the sector’s advantages. As other countries have invested huge sums of government money in their renewable fuel industry, including China, the US federal government remains under pressure to do the same despite sustained and serious budget challenges and constrained spending.

Broadwind Energy
, a major producer of wind energy components, is an example of the future that supporters of renewable energy production in the US would find encouraging.

The company has hundreds of employees at its US factories, several of them portrayed in these pictures, which depict Broadwind Energy manufacturing facilities. The company’s CEO, Peter Duprey, told Breaking Energy that an estimated 85,000 people currently work in the wind business in the US and more could join if investment trends remain intact.

President Obama cited clean energy employment as a major factor in his choice of John Bryson as the new Commerce Secretary, and with political experts like Christine Todd Whitman saying jobs will be at the heart of the 2012 elections, many companies and industry groups will be searching for pictures like these to show Americans at work in renewable manufacturing.

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