Podcast: Tendril-ly

on May 24, 2011 at 12:30 PM

Tendril is that rare beast, a successful smart grid start-up.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Tendril specializes in the software component of the smart grid, helping larger firms gather, manage and understand the huge amounts of data they need to implement and then understand their own customers.

Adrian Tuck, Tendril’s chief executive, discussed the company and the future of smart grid efforts in a broad-ranging discussion with Breaking Energy correspondent Felicity Carus.

Tendril technologies allow utilities to connect “beyond the meter and into customers’ homes,” Tuck says.

Adrian and Felicity discuss the potential for consumer engagement, distribution automation technology, investment logic for “smart grid 2.0,” and management lessons gleaned from service in the British Army.

“Its not for the fainthearted selling into the utility industry,” says Tuck, but efforts by utilities to move forward on investment are accelerating in tandem with a sustained focus on reliability.

The sound on this one, is a little low, so turn it up and enjoy!

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