Industry Blogroll: The Txchnologist

on May 24, 2011 at 1:30 PM

GE has joined the blogosphere, adding its own voice to the community of energy firms using new tools to speak directly to customers, employees and the broader world.

Some corporate blogging efforts have an air of the perfunctory or afterthought to them, but GE’s Txchnologist is slick-looking and well-organized, focusing on industry themes that overlap with company priorities rather than starting with products and looking for relevance.

Txchnologist takes advantage of the kind of content the internet presents well: infographics, videos, short point-counterpoint pieces and question-and-answers. Check out the natural gas issue for insightful content on hydraulic fracturing and solutions to the problems it presents.

Txchnologist avoids the common problem of companies attempting internet media but trying to do too much: it takes the strangely more difficult approach of not doing everything.

This is a review of GE’s Txchnologist blog by AOL Managing Editor Peter Gardett. Reviews reflect the opinion of the author.